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We Offer: Welded Wire Mesh & Masonry Wall Reinforcement Mesh.
Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh offers better strength, integration and longer work time compared with other wire mesh products. Welded wire mesh is durable, corrosion resisting and firm in structure.
Welded Mesh Panels
Material: Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and rebar wire.
Variety: galvanized, PVC etc.
Characteristics: even surface, firm structure, precise opening etc, it has the good property of corrosion-resisting and oxidation-Resisting.

Mesh Fencing

SHENZHOU CITY FUYANG WIRE MESH CO., LTD provides galvanized diamond wire mesh or PVC coated diamond wire mesh, mainly for fencing use. Material for chain link fence: Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire.
Masonry Wall Reinforced Mesh
Brick Wall Reinforced welded wire mesh has the continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that are embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls. Joint reinforcement has long proven to be necessary for superior performance of masonry wall construction.
Angle bead
Angle bead is called corner bead, corner bead may from straight side on the edge line of plaster project to fight break or chap and to protect and strengthen the most fragile part of the plaster. Its wing may enter the plaster in depths in any edge line strongly. Corner bead is very important for whitewash for plaster.
Avoid demolition template
Fast-EZ High-Ribbed Formwork is fixed as consumable moulding board. When the concrete is cased at the back of the moulding board, the complementary angle sheet of the mesh is embed in the agglomeration earth and it becomes a machine mechanical wedge that connects with each other closely .The quality of the seam is strictly controlled.
Wall Plaster Mesh

Wall Plaster Mesh is widely used in the large-area plastering engineering as the plastering underlay, in order to avoid cracking and resist vibrations.
Fuyang Wire Mesh Factory also offers other wire products including various steel wire mesh,diamond wire mesh and welded wire containers.
Cable Support
Cable Support systems are well designed to provide necessary support for cable trays, cable ladders and trunkings. Cable supports are manufactured according to common standards from high quality raw materials.
Masonry Wall Tie
Wall ties are used in cavity walls to hold the two walls together, without wall ties the two walls can bulge or bow. Brick Tie and Frame Tie act as reinforcement for brick and block walls when embedded in cement mortar at every fourth course.