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Avoid Demolition Template

Superior to traditional templates, such as wooden and steel ones, it has better stress intensity and deformability, which are good to engineering quality, structural safety and cost control. As a permanently dismantling-free template for concrete, it is used in civil-work of large buildings in large quantities, including tunnels, bridges, sewers, breast walls, power plants, docks, storage tanks, high-rises, ocean engineering and irregular surface modeling.


(1). Mechanical property is good, the lateral pressure is small
Bears the force equal to 60% of the general moulding board, so can cut the quaty that shoring keel by 40%.
(2). The direct observation of casting course
Because of its special mesh, can make the naked eye inspect the casting engineering, as a result lowers the risk that the pore appears and beehive.
(3). The own weight is light, the transport and the installation is convenient
Just tenth of the common already set steel shuttering weight , the installation is fast, the transport is easy.
(4). The optimization of industrial art, the raise of anti- shear interface
when casting, the mortar seep through mesh aperture to interface and form an ideal coarse interface what is anti- shear.
Our company produces all kinds of Avoid demolition template. The quality of our products is excellent and superior. The specification and material could be ordered as per client's request.